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tire pressure monitoring system (tpms), the role is to carry out real-time automatic monitoring of tire pressure during vehicle driving, and to report tire leakage and low pressure to ensure traffic safety.

at present, tpms are mainly indirect and direct on the market . the indirect working principle is to find that the tire diameter is different, and then it is judged that there is a certain tire lack of air, so the system alarm prompts the driver to deal with it. 

the working principle of the direct tpms is that, by sensing the tire pressure sensor to send wireless signals, placing the receiving device in the cab, the sensor sends data to the receiver in real time, and once the data abnormal receiver appears, it warns the driver and prompts timely processing.

direct tpms is divided into two types: built-in and external. the built-in type means that the sensor is placed inside the tire, fixed by the valve nozzle or fixed on the hub by a strap. the external type means that you should place the sensor on the outside of the valve to sense the pressure.